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The Honors Business Association (HBA) at The University of Texas at Austin serves as the official student organization for the Business Honors Program at the McCombs School of Business. Since its inception in 1980, HBA has provided academic, professional, social, and philanthropic opportunities for its members. HBA strives to build up the strong sense of community within the Business Honors Program and to enhance the college experience for all BHP students. For three decades, the Honors Business Association has maintained a mix of professionalism, volunteerism, and fun. Above all else, HBA is, and always will be, a home for BHP students. Be you a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or alum, HBA will always have a warm fireplace (or so we wish) and sandwich (or whatever delicious food is being served at our meeting) ready. Best of all, HBA is available to all BHP students free of dues. So drop on by, bring a friend, and experience something new, exciting, and happy.

Mission Statement

The Honors Business Association will maintain a student-driven forum that fosters a social network enabling students to exchange ideas within the business sector, form meaningful ties with the community, and contribute to a dynamic learning environment while maintaining a fun and exciting atmosphere.


The HBA Constitution & Bylaws is the governing document of the organization.
Read the Constitution & Bylaws

For more information about the Honors Business Association, contact HBA President, Forrest Ripley.