Bugs and Bees and Hiking in 50 Degrees!

HBA Vlog follows the BHPeers as they scale Mt. Bonnell during the HBA hiking social on Saturday, November 10.



22 Questions with Professor Gabbi

How many languages can Professor Gabbi speak? When does he think it's ok to start listening to Christmas music? We find out the answers to these questions as Professor Gabbi takes a shot at answering 22 questions.



Fall 2018 Semester in Review

A look back at HBA/CBHP events held this past semester



McCombs' Next Top Talent

Join us in celebrating the unique and diverse talents of McCombs students by coming out to the annual McCombs Next Top Talent competition. Support HBA's representative, Anthony Tang, and cheer on your peers as they compete for the title of McCombs' Top Talent. All proceeds of this event will be donated to the winner's charity of choice. This event will take place on February 8th from 7-9 PM at the Union Theatre. 



A Communications Professor Answers a BuzzFeed Quiz About Her Communication Style

We have Professor Goins take a quick quiz! What kind of communicator are you? Take the quiz yourself! https://www.buzzfeed.com/facetheissue/what-kind-of-communicator-are-you