Uttam Crop.jpg

Uttam Eamani


What’s up! My name is Uttam, and I’m the president of this wonderful organization! I’m a junior BHP, Marketing, and Sport Management major from Round Rock, TX. I was previously involved in the social committee, and I also am currently a representative on the BHP Ethics Board and BHP Steering Committee. Beyond McCombs, I enjoy volunteering with SEAL, Best Buddies, winning championships in IM softball, and playing D1 FIFA.

Rachna Crop.jpg

Rachna Parikh

Executive VP

Hi! My name is Rachna Parikh, and I’m a sophomore from Plano, TX double majoring in BHP and Marketing. Last year on HBA, I was a member on the Alumni Relations Committee, and this year I have the honor of being Vice President. In addition to HBA, I’m part of the Texas Society for Policy and Enterprise, and the UT Real Beauty Campaign. I enjoy cooking, walking dogs, and binge watching every season of Friends.

Nicholas Crop.jpg

Nicholas Kuehl

Corporate Relations VP

 Hey, everyone! My name is Nicholas Kuehl, and I am a sophomore from Austin, TX double majoring in Business Honors and Management Information Systems. Last year, I was a part of HBA’s Academics Committee where I helped plan events for students to interact with our wonderful BHP faculty and staff. This year, as Corporate Relations VP, my job is to form, maintain, and develop relationships with the companies that interact with our members. Outside of HBA, I am a new BHP Peer Advisor, and some of my favorite pastimes include spending time with my family, eating queso and cinnamon rolls (not together, of course), and following the latest developments in mobile technology.

Vibhav Crop.jpg

Vibhav Joopelli

Financial VP

Hi everyone! My name is Vibhav, and I'm a sophomore from Sugar Land, TX majoring in BHP, Finance, and Plan II. I was involved in HBA last year as a member of the financial committee where I learned the basics of how to take on the role I currently have. Outside of HBA, I'm involved in other on-campus organizations such as USIT and The Genesis Program. I'm also a huge Astros fan, and in my free time, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, reading Quora articles, or beating Uttam in FIFA. If my little blurb has piqued your interest and you want to get to know me a little better, you can hit me up at any hour of the day, and I'll be down to get taco bell with you.

Harsha Crop.jpg

Harsha Kethireddipalli

External Relations vp

Hello hello! I’m Harsha, and I’m a junior in BHP, Finance, and Plan II. On campus, my academic and extracurricular interests revolve around finance and the business school. However, in my free time, you can catch me running, watching 90’s American sitcoms, or watching Tom Brady highlights. I absolutely love hanging out with my buddies and helping younger students pursue their own professional and personal interests. Let me know if you’d ever like to chat or grab a meal!


Nathan Crop.jpg

Nathan Hsu

Academics VP

Hey everyone! My name is Nathan Hsu, and I'm a senior from Plano, TX majoring in BHP, Finance, and Math, so I'm basically a nerd. Last year, I served on the academics committee, where I helped plan DWAPs (Dinner with a Professor). Outside of HBA, I'm involved in McCombs CTBAC (College Tuition Budgeting Advisory Committee) and am a Peer Advisor in the BHP Office. I enjoy playing basketball and watching the Warriors, ukulele, philosophy, and all things Drake. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about BHP, majoring outside of McCombs, or where LeBron will be heading in 2018.

Young Crop.jpg

Young Joo

Social VP

Hey! My name is Young Joo, and I'm currently a sophomore majoring in MIS and BHP. I was involved in the Social Committee as a freshman, and I loved it so much that I returned to the committee as the VP. What started out as anxiousness to meet my BHPeers has turned into a goal of mine which I hope to achieve through my position as the Social VP: to foster a sense of family within the BHP community. Outside of HBA, I am involved with UTalent Records, the only student-run record label at UT Austin. I am passionate about music, and you can catch me DJing events on and off campus!


Chris Crop.jpg

Christopher Tung

Communications VP

Hi there! My name is Christopher Tung, and I am a junior from Plano, TX double majoring in BHP and Marketing with a minor in Management Information Systems. During my first two years with HBA, I served as a social committee member planning fun events for organization members. As the current Communications VP, I manage our website, social media, and biweekly newsletters. Outside of HBA, I enjoy recording music, taking photos, editing videos, exploring coffee shops, and making YouTube videos.