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HBA Executive Board


Rachna Parikh, President

Hi! My name is Rachna Parikh, and I’m a junior from Plano, TX double majoring in BHP and MIS. I served on the Alumni Relations Committee my freshman year, and was the Executive VP of HBA as a sophomore. I now have the honor of leading HBA as President, and can’t wait to see what we accomplish this year. In addition to HBA, I’m part of the Texas Society for Policy and Enterprise, and the UT Real Beauty Campaign. Let me know if you ever want to grab a meal, discuss why Friends is the greatest TV series, or have any ideas for the organization.


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Kevin LePage, Executive Vice President

Hi!! My name is Kevin LePage, I am a sophomore from Mansfield, TX, studying Business Honors. Last year, I was a member of the Internal Relations committee, working to implement new initiatives that would result in more interaction between upper and underclassmen. This year as Executive VP, I hope to better connect incoming freshman with alumni, in addition to providing activity-oriented events with notable alumni through which current BHP students can network and raise their net worths. Outside of HBA, I am a part of a non-profit called Project RISE, and I am a Camp Texas counselor. If you have any questions, please reach out, or if you just want to talk about sports or dad jokes over breakfast, I can come up with a good yolk (ba dum tsss).


Swetha Davurulu, Corporate Relations Vice President

Hi, my name is Swetha Davuluru! I’m a junior from Sugar Land, TX studying Business Honors and Finance. I was a member of the Corporate Relations Committee last year and am excited to continue with this committee as VP! Outside of HBA, I’m involved with the Student Consulting Initiative, and I love finding new music that makes working out less painful. Feel free to reach out about anything!


Ayush Goradia, Financial Vice President

Hi, my name is Ayush Goradia, and I’m a sophomore studying Business Honors. Last year, I served on the Financial Committee, where I coordinated food for meetings and helped plan the Company Field Trip. Aside from HBA, I am a part of the Texas Undergraduate Investment Team and Freetail Hackers. I enjoy traveling and reading; you can catch me trying out new food trucks, playing FIFA, watching basketball, and exploring all that Austin has to offer.


Anushka Madhuvarshi, External Relations Vice President

Hey y'all! My name is Anushka Madhuvarshi, and I'm a junior majoring in BHP and Supply Chain Management and pursuing a certificate in Applied Statistical Modeling. Last year, I was on the Corporate Relations committee and really enjoyed putting on networking events and engaging with HBA's sponsors. This year, I am very excited to serve HBA as the Vice President of External Affairs and work with some amazing philanthropies. In addition to HBA, I am involved in Texas THON as the Assistant Director of Programming! If you ever want to grab Thai food or talk about dance or Parks and Recreation, feel free to reach out!


Sunny Daggubati, Academics Vice President

Hey everyone! My name is Sunihith Daggubati, feel free to call me Sunny and I'm a sophomore from Southlake, TX majoring in Business Honors and Finance. Last year, I served on the academics committee, where I helped plan DWAPs (Dinner with a Professor). Outside of HBA, I'm involved in USIT. I enjoy playing basketball, racquetball and volleyball. I also enjoy watching cooking videos but never actually cooking, watching stand up comedy, and listening to any song with a psychedelic guitar solo. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about BHP, majoring outside of McCombs or want talk about how the Dallas Cowboys can finally win it all this year.


Aali Sahay, Social Vice President

Hello! My name is Aali Sahay and I'm a junior majoring in Business Honors and Finance. Last year I served on the Academics Committee, and I am so excited to bring students together and strengthen the BHP community as Social VP this year! Along with HBA, I am also involved with Camp Texas and USIT, and I love traveling, being outdoors, and planning events. Please reach out if you want to talk group workout classes, National Parks, or chocolate chip cookies (or literally anything else)!


Mary Catherine Arnott, Communications Vice President

Greetings! My name is Mary Catherine Arnott, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Business Honors and Finance. My freshman year I served on the Communications Committee and I’m excited to continue my work as Vice President! In addition to HBA, I am also involved in Student Government, UBC, and the University Securities and Investment Team. Come talk to me about the newsletter, twitter, the “:3” emoticon, and High Brew Mexican Vanilla Ice Coffee. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn or by replying to the newsletter :3