Honors Business Association
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HBA Executive Board


Sunny Daggubati, President

Hey everyone! My name is Sunihith Daggubati, feel free to call me Sunny and I'm a junior from Southlake, TX in Business Honors and MPA. Outside of HBA, I'm involved in Texas 180 Degrees Consulting. I enjoy playing basketball, racquetball and volleyball. I also enjoy cooking, hiking, watching stand up comedy, and listening to any song with a psychedelic guitar solo. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about BHP, MPA or want talk about how the Dallas Cowboys can finally win it all this year.


Tanvi Shahane, Corporate Relations Vice President

Hi!! My name is Tanvi Shahane and I’m a sophomore from Abilene, TX majoring in BHP. I was a member of the Communications Committee last year, and this year I’m excited to be the Corporate Relations VP! Outside of HBA, I’m involved in GirlAdvocates, and I love travelling and baking. Feel free to come talk to me about Brooklyn 99, food, or anything else!   


Sreya Ayinala, External Relations Vice President

Hey y'all! My name is Sreya Ayinala, and I'm a sophomore majoring in BHP and Plan II. Last year, I was on the Internal Affairs committee and loved helping destress our BHPeers during exam season. This year, I am very excited to serve HBA as the Vice President of External Affairs and work with some amazing philanthropies. In addition to HBA, I am involved in Healing with Harmonies, Steering Committee, and Saxophone Ensemble! If you ever want to grab food and talk about travel, the great outdoors, band, or literally anything else please reach out!


Christopher Hotchkiss, Academics Vice President


Kirsten Wunrow, Social Vice President


Brandon Tran, Communications Vice President

Hi! My name is Brandon Tran, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Business Honors. My freshman year I served on the Communications Committee and I’m excited to continue my work as Vice President! In addition to HBA, I am also involved in Alpha Kappa Psi. I love filmmaking and photography and consider my camera one of my best friends. I love glasses and have a collection of five that I have on rotation regularly. Feel free to reach out to me; I’d love to get to know you!