HBA Murder Mystery & Pumpkin Carving

The weather outside was frightful, but on Friday night something even spookier was brewing as HBAers put on their best alter-egos and joined together to solve a crime during the annual HBA Murder Mystery party. Each player assumed the role of a character from the story -- the cast included names such as Rappen Tyte, Money Millenko, Tyler Dreams, and Bing Black -- and then shared clues with other actors through several rounds of play. After one of the actors was "killed," the remaining players put their heads together to sort out the motives and facts and figure out whodunnit. 

Afterwards, HBA members enjoyed pumpkin bread and s'mores while they put their pumpkin carving skills to the test. The pressure was on for Social VP Benjamin "The Carver" Carver, who comes from a long line of skilled carvers and attempted to live up to his family name.

At the end of the night, HBAers had solved a murder and carved pumpkins to their hearts' content. Sounds like a successful night to me.