DWAA: Ellen Cameron and Daniel Novotny

What happened on Wednesday night, the 16th of September, at approximately 6 o'clock in the evening? I would say you had to be there, but I'm  much too nice to give that kind of answer. 

A brave (and hungry) group of Business Honors students took an excursion off campus to what has been called by our beloved HBA leader Catherine (Cathy?) Austin's mecca of "Mexican-Hawaiian fusion" food, the Hula Hut. There, they had dinner with Southwest representatives and BHP alumni Ellen Cameron and Daniel Novotny.

Not only did these brave students discover that the food at Hula Hut is so much better than it sounds (Mexican-Hawaiian fusion?), but they also were able to learn a great deal about what it is like to work for Southwest. Daniel and Ellen mentioned that besides the supply of constant donuts in the office, there is a lot that they love about their jobs. Ellen has been given the chance to travel out of the country on business, and Daniel noted that he never does exactly the same thing each day.  

Now, I know you are absolutely consumed with regret for not attending this wonderful event, but despair not, for there is a life lesson to be learned: never turn down free food, even when it is described as Mexican-Hawaiian fusion.