Company Field Trip: What to Expect

By: Sarah Stubbs, BHP sophomore

The HBA Company Field Trip is the trip of a lifetime. On this three-day trip you will get to experience a first-hand look at a booming business city, go behind the scenes of several corporation headquarters, and explore the sights, foods, and activities of an iconic city.  It is a packaged-deal trip that you won’t want to miss!

HBA members pose in front of Microsoft headquarters in Seattle during last year's CFT

HBA members pose in front of Microsoft headquarters in Seattle during last year's CFT

The first day of the trip consists of traveling to the CFT destination and jumping right into company tours. Through UT and BHP connections, you will get a behind-the-scenes tour of a handful of businesses that are based in that city. On these tours you will get to see the ins and outs of the company. The recruiters of that company will usually lead these tours. An information session about the company and their internship and full-time positions follows the tour, as well as a panel with previous UT or BHP alumni.

Last year in Seattle, I met a woman who graduated from UT through BHP, was from my hometown, and was in the same sorority as me! The connections to be made and the information that can be gained are countless. The second day of the trip is also filled with more company tours.

The third day of the trip is tourist day! You will have the freedom to roam the amazing CFT city and explore everything about it. HBA has scheduled tourist activities and free time on this day, so there is a perfect balance of group and personal sightseeing. Take pictures, have fun, go on adventures, get lost and then found again, and eat as much food as you can.

Going on the CFT to Seattle as a freshman was one of my favorite memories of college so far. I gained so much experience as a businesswoman, student, and person. 100% recommended, so SIGN UP!