Boston CFT: Day 1

Day 1 of Boston CFT is officially a wrap! After an early morning flight out of Austin, 24 of us arrived in Boston this afternoon only to discover that maybe winters in Austin aren't so bad after all. Although the day started out a crisp 30 degrees and sunny (one HBAer even remarked to a Liberty Mutual recruiter that he "thought it would be colder"), the temperature eventually sunk into the low teens by sundown. Nevertheless, the bone-chilling weather failed to put a damper on the spirits of our adventuresome travelers, who piled layer upon layer and explored the town. 

After a quick lunch at the Boston airport, we took a bus to the headquarters of Liberty Mutual Insurance, where several recruiters were waiting to greet us and answer any questions we had about the company. In addition to "speed networking" with recruiters, we got a tour of the company's modern offices, which feature collaborative areas, free coffee, a cafeteria, and plenty of light. The general consensus was that Liberty Mutual impressed with its innovative culture and work-hard, play hard attitude. 

From there we went to check in at our hotel. Afterwards, we were free to explore wherever we wanted. Some opted for Italian food at Giacomo's, while others feasted on seafood at Legal Seafood. At the end of a long day, all of us braved the cold one last time before settling in for the night at the hotel. Bring it on, Day 2!