Tea with Tisha's Twins

Nap time? Not today. Alongside tea and cookies, academic advisor Tisha Monsey’s nearly one-year-old twins made time for a meet and greet with some lucky HBA members.

Hannah and Cooper’s highly anticipated debut exceeded expectations and blew ‘Bring Your Kid to Work Day’ stereotypes out of the water.

“Hannah’s eyebrows are on fleek; Cooper was sporting a dinosaur crop top and low-rise ‘manpris.’ Together, they beat Michelle [Zhang] as one of the Top 25 Most Fashionable Attendants of ACL in 2016,” junior Audra Fields said. “I wish I could be Hannah and Cooper, so I could hang out with Tisha all day long.”

All jokes aside, both of the lovable twins effectively turned Monday yawns into smiles and gave members additional insight into their advisor’s life outside of McCombs.