DWAP with Greta Fenley

A hungry crowd led by none other than career expert Professor Greta Fenley arrived at Gusto Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar on fall's first chilly evening after saving their appetites throughout the day with an expectation of a feast, and the variety of selections certainly delivered. 

Among plates of fresh bread, Brussels sprouts and carbs galore, freshman and sophomore members had the chance to converse with each other and Professor Fenley about their favorite foods, transitioning to UT, the meanings behind their names, and everything in between. 

"I felt like the conversation really aided in personalizing each student and [Greta Fenley] and helping everyone learn more about each other's backgrounds and interests," freshman Nicholas Kuehl said. 

After gobbling down the last bites of tiramisu cheesecake, students were forced to return to the realities of midterm week awaiting them at home.

"The DWAP with Greta was so great! Not only did it help me to get to know Greta outside the classroom, but it also acted as a relaxing study break," freshman Clio Harralson said. "I would definitely recommend that other students go to DWAPs because it was fun, helpful, and a perfect break from dorm food!" 

For those who missed out on this event, have no fear! The next DWAP will take place on Monday, October 10 at Trudy's Tex-Mex Restaurant with marketing Professors McAlister and Peterson. Hope to see you there!