LWAP: Dr. Hadaway

"How do you stop this thing?!"

Jaiying's panicked cry from the driver's seat of a moving golf cart elicited limited alarm and rolling laughter from the group of BHP students gathered at Dr. Hadaway's ranch and vineyard this past Saturday. This LWAP was one for the scrapbooks, and not just because of that picture that captures Jiaying's golf cart driving skills (or lack thereof).

Dr. Hadaway gave the students a tour through her beautiful vineyard and vegetable gardens. Students also had the chance to try out their artistic abilities by decorating a tile for the LWAP, which has become somewhat of a tradition at this event over the past couple of years. The students chose to decorate this year's tile with a drawing of Dr. Hadaway's dog Bell. Their tile can be seen in the group photo above.

Indeed, Bell has a very significant role on Dr. Hadaway's ranch; the ranch is named "No Rules Ranch" because of Bell's new found freedom upon her arrival at the ranch. On "No Rules Ranch", Bell is free from traditional rules that encumber city dogs and is able to run leash-free to her heart's content. Bell, however, is not the only one who has had a ton of fun at that ranch; the students who were able to attend this year's LWAP can definitely attest to that!