Austin Panic Room: Paul vs. Tisha

The competitive and creative juices were flowing when two teams came head to head at the Austin Panic Room. These teams were not only comprised of BHPhriends but also had the privilege of being advised outside of the office by our very own - Paul Pritchett and Tisha Monsey. 

Each team tackled their own unique rooms in hopes of 'escaping' before their competitors. These rooms contained a series of clues, puzzles, and riddles that led to unlocking a series of objects, ultimately leading to the codes necessary to unlock the room. One hour was given to complete these tasks.

In the end, Team Tisha emerged victorious escaping their room with a whopping 28 minutes and five seconds remaining - five minutes faster than the room's previous record. However, Team Paul was also comprised of winners, escaping their room with about 10 minutes remaining. Despite the initial trash talk, both teams were able to come together after finishing their rooms to take group photos under the hashtag '#AustinPanicRoom.'

All in all, the group's team name said it best - 'BHPshhh...We Got This!'