Volunteering at Sunset Valley Elementary's Annual Cheetah Fest

We had fun volunteering at Sunset Valley Elementary's Annual Cheetah Fest this past Saturday. This is an annual carnival that the school puts on for its students every year to raise money for different causes. This year, the carnival was raising money so that the school could have enough funds to keep the computer technology teacher on staff.

We helped out at the concession stand, the cookie decorating section, the dunking section, the "Lolly Pop Tree" and the cupcake walk. Let me just tell you, the cupcake walk is totally rigged. I always suspected it as a kid. But seriously, it was great volunteering at this event. There is something special about seeing these kids have so much fun because it really makes you look back on when you were that age. It also just makes you appreciate how quickly time passes and how valuable the present is. So live in the present, and be thankful for now.