Cheese Tasting DWAA with Yun and Odile Du

Last Wednesday, HBA members ventured into the world of fine cheeses, jams, and cured meats at our latest DWAA. Our guide for the evening was Odile Du (BHP '09), whose expertise in cheeses led us to a night packed with a survey of some of the most interesting and appetizing combinations of cheese and toppings that any of our members had experienced thus far. Odile, along with her husband, Yun Du (BHP '10), treated us to a variety of flavors and options, which included an apricot jam, jalapeño jelly, and several kinds of Brie and Mozzarella, my personal favorites. Odile also taught us how to correctly pronounce the cheeses, which was a big help. I shouldn't forget their Corgi, Doc, who also has a penchant for cheese and lapped up any samples that happened to fall to the ground. 

After our stomachs were full of dairy delights, we played boardgames and talked to Odile and Yun about how they met in BHP, their work experiences, and some of their favorite college memories. At the end of the night, with our palates and our instagrams sufficiently refined, we headed back to campus, eager to visit the Dus again soon.