Thanks for the Memories

“Coming into BHP, I had heard at least a hundred times that the true value of BHP comes from the “connections you make.” It wasn’t until the one hundred and first time I heard the cliche that I truly understood what my mentors meant.


As a freshman, I decided to apply for the social committee of HBA, as that seemed like the best avenue to get as involved with BHP as possible. By a stroke of luck (or a poor decision from the VP at the time) I happened to be selected for the position, along with Uttam Eamani and Chris Tung. Through monthly committee meetings and bi-weekly general meetings, I slowly began to build my friendships with both Chris and Uttam, unaware that in one year, we would serve as members of the executive board of HBA. After an entire year of planning events, and more importantly, going to these events and spending time together, I considered Uttam and Chris friends primarily and committee members second. This translated well into the following year, when we served on the exec board; our camaraderie made the countless exec meetings and updates more bearable, and being comfortable with each other meant that we weren’t afraid to keep each other accountable and offer input on each others’ ideas. Our close relationships also allowed us depend on each other when events strayed from the plan (as they always seem to do). When drivers would back out last minute, I could always depend on Chris to fit at least 8 people in his mom-car. When I got scheduled for a surprise shift at work, I could count on Uttam to tag in and take charge of my event in my stead.

Looking back at my freshman year, I believe that the organizations you associate with during your first year on campus come to define your social circle and the friends you associate with. My involvement in HBA as the first organization I was a part of as a freshman has had a tremendous impact on the trajectory I am on now, and the friendships I’ve made since my first year are still my closest friendships; especially in my friendship with Chris. It was through being on the social committee together that we got to know each other and eventually become roommates. Our talks on the drive to events became heart-to-hearts on the way to go grocery shopping, and our monthly goofy shenanigans became daily recurrences; whether it be skipping (non-BHP) classes to get food at Don or skateboarding around West Campus together at 2am. My involvement with HBA has given me so much more than I could ever give back, which I will forever be grateful for. It has taught me how to handle responsibilities and time management, and it has given my my best friend and memories I’ll be telling my kids one day.

To anyone thinking of running for exec or getting more involved in HBA, I highly encourage you to do so!”

-Young Joo