Dinner with Professors Pryor and Goins

CBHPals met at Clay Pit after rushing over from their classes. Students breathed a sigh of relief as they warmed up inside Clay Pit. Professors Pryor and Goins sat at the center of the table with their students and talked about their lives. Pryor recounted his time in college at UNT and how he went on to travel and work across the world in places like Australia, Germany, and England. Students discussed the movies they had seen recently, and Pryor talked about the merits of Crazy Rich Asians. On the other side of the table, Goins revealed her favorite TED talks from students over the years. Hint: One of them talks about how to raise a prodigy. After Goins talked about her love for her two cats, who she has had since college, the rest of the students were sharing pictures of their pets. Meanwhile, the table enjoyed delicious Indian dishes such as butter chicken, tikki masala, korma curry, and biryani with plenty of rice and naan to go around.